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I hope the liks below bring some information you can use.


Help for Homeowners Facing the Loss of Their Home:

Government Benefits, Grants, and Financial Aid:

Full List of Grants and Other Funding Resources:


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Big Katt
 in response to Singing Blue Flo...   

i dont understand xwhart you are talking about !!! When you say im going after people ! Im not going after anyone ! I have a life to live and my life includes me and my two kids ! I dont have time to go after anyone .... I Do understand the rest of your message tho and yes i do like what you say !

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Singing Blue Flo
 in response to Big Katt... Crystal.. You are not going to like what I have to say, but you are going after people exactly like your family members. You deserve goodness. Don't go after what you do not deserve. I feel a pattern here. You must break that pattern. If you choose to be with negative people, the outcome will always be the same. Doing the same thing expecting different results. My family wasn't nice to me being the youngest of six. I was and still am the Joy child. I developed the same patterns you did. I always went for people like my family, not knowing any better. Even one of the men I was with had so many characteristics like my father. He was a Marine. He chewed really loud like my dad. Same skin tone. Same color hair, eyes, wore glasses to read. It was almost eerie. He wound up being a rage-aholic like my dad. I stepped back and looked at the big picture. I said to myself, "Is this what I really want?" The answer was NO!!! I had to change myself and my way of thinking. I am so powerless over other people places, and things. But I do have power over myself and the choices I make. So it really starts with me. I love my family but they are what they are. I am so not like them. I was different. They picked on me so much. Today, I am okay with who I am. I help others. I had to help me first though. How did I do that? I prayed. I relied on God. I asked for guidance with changing. I read books to help. I find positive, upbeat people to be with. I went to support groups and did whatever was necessary to change me and my perception of others. I wrote and journaled about life in general. These tools help to clear our souls and give us a better image of ourselves and other people. And pray. It really does help and it works! 
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Singing Blue Flo
Yes. We have angels. They tell and show us what is good. They also alert us when we are in danger for our very own protection. The angels are God's messengers to us. It is up to us however to feel them and be aware of thier presence. The angels are an amazing gift from God. When I am feeling down I pray for them to speak to me and give me guidance, I have found that there truly is light at the end of the tunnel. I can't always go with how I am feeling. On bad days, I carry a rock with me everywhere I go. I touch that rock to remind me of all I have to be grateful for. When things aren't going well, I ask for God to give me strength and I literally lean on his/her grace to pull me through. When I rely on my faith, good things begin to happen. Prayers are answered and people are more understanding. I have been abused from early on. I have forgiven those who abused me and prayed for good things to happen for them to give them hope and blessings. Prayer always always always works! God doesn't just give us what we want. We are responsible for some action (the leg work). There are a lot of resources out there to get help when you are an abused single mom. Check the state where you live. When you apply, they will help you get into a safe home and pay for your rent and deposits to get you on your way. You can get help with food. There is also Vocational Rehab. They help with your job training and education so that you can earn a better paycheck. If you have small children, another avenue with Voc. Rehab is they will help you with a home based business so that you can tend to your kids and still work. So there is a lot of help out there. Be patient as these things take time. You may want to find a support group for battered and abused women. Peace, love, and may God bless you! Take this information and run with it!
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Big Katt
 in response to Grace5...   

Hi Grace,

Thanks for the web site right niow i need all the help i can get ! I have been seperated from him for 4 going on 5 months now! So im doing good on that part right now Im just looking for a stable place for my kids and i to stay we are living with my cousion at the present time but we have to be out by the end of this month ! Because she cant affored to pay her bills so she is moving in with her mom and as far as me and my kids !! Who knows right now were we are going to end up! I mean i dont even have a car so i have to just pray that god will lead me in the right direction !! Im glad to hear that you are out of you abusive relationship as well You will be in my prays as well!

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Big Katt

Hey  !! My name is Crystal Coleman I am 20 yrs old and I have two twin boys that are two months old and their names are Trevor & Leland . They are my Life. . To start off. Evey since I was little I was always in a family that did drugs and stayed in trouble I never knew my mom very well because she was in and out of jail, and I finally met my real dad when I turned 18YRS.I grew up with two brothers one is in jail now and has been in jail since he was 16. My little brother in in high school now and it is his senior year. When i was little i was sexual molested by my Uncle.. I felt that i could not tell anyone but when i did i told my Grandparents because they were the one we called mom and dad . When i told them they didnt belive me so the sent me off to live with my aunt here in Texas.. When i moved here i was treated like crap i had to go to school, cook dinner , wash dishes , wash clothes, clean my aunts room and rub her feet in the middle of a a school night . Her thought on school was that it came after what she wanted me to do for her! I belived in school first .. Anyways I finally ran away from her house at the age of 17 , from their i lived from house to house, and went to school. Thats when i met my husband , I fell in love i thought he was the real thing so we got married Oct 28, 2006 , but little did i know that when I said i do i would be put threw Physicaly and Emotional abuse. ( I got married at 18) I just put up with the abuse because i had no family to run to ... When i got married i was still in High School my husband didnt want me to go to school because he thought i would flirt with the boys , and he didnt want me to go on any school trips for all the same reasons.. Well thats when it all strarted the first time he just punched me in the face once and called me many names but I belived that he loved me so I didnt want to leave him.. But i did and when I had no were to turn to or no one to turn to I went back to him ... and the abuse got worse i had just had my gawbladder taken out when he decided to beat me the second time i was on the couch he decided that he wanted me to go to bed with him and i told him i was not ready for bed that i would be in the room in a min , well he didnt like that he followed me to the bath room and beat me in the shower , when he was beating me I went into an asthma attack and and refused to give me my medication. I left him that time for the second time. But as you might know already i went back because i felt in love and i felt that I couldn't live with out him. The third time he beat me he stopped in the middle of the high way and was yelling at me i told him to get out and let me drive because he was driving crazy because a EMS worker waved at me , when he got out of his little blue GMC truck i slidded over to the drivers side and as i was reaching for the door my husband grabed the door and slamed my head and arm in it many times and left me on the side of the road . This time i was determined i was not going back to him my aunt let me move in and while i was at school she also let him move in felt traped so i was with him again.. The Last time he beat me i was pregnate My friend was going to throw a graduation party for me because i had grauated well i was maken glasses for my party that said Senior Class Of 2007 and in the middle of maken a glass my husband asked me a question I didnt understand him so i asked him what he said and he started beating me, little did i know i was pregnant he held me in a conner and beat me and when i tryied to call the cops he took the phone and beat me more and the tore the house phone out of the wall and called his step mom and told her not to let me use the phone... I got out and when i did i went to the hospital and i found out i was pregnant 2 weeks later i was so excited but when i went to the hospital i found out that i was suspost to have triplets but when my husband beat me i lost a child. I was so upset with him, i couldnt figure out why he would beat me so much and just think everything was ok. I stayed away from my husband for 4 months and then i decided i was going to give him one more chance and this time it was not for me it was for the kids.. Well i didnt go threw physical abuse this time it was all emotional abuse this last time and i ended up having my babys earily because of all of stress and stuff he made me do , When i had the kids i thought it would change my kids lived in the hospital for 35 days after they were born i never got to touch my babys when they were born just a little while after they were in the hospital. They had so many cords on them because i had them 2 months earily. I went everyday to see my babys and my husband started getting jelious so i told him he better fix his act because if he didnt that the kids and i was leavin because we didnt have to put up with his crap. When the babys got out it was getting worse he didnt want me to have anything to do with my kids, and remember me telling you that my kids are my world well my kids gave me the strength to leave him for good , I went to a Family Abuse Center for a week now im living with a friend and i am getting a divorce. Every now and then I think mabey I should just go back because it might be easyier to just live with him because I have no car , no money and no house, but you know what  I refuse to go back to him when im breaking down and thinking about going back I listen to music . I Call this a Lesson Learned, and hold my two wonderful boys . Because it was a lesson Learned . I learned the hard way , but alway turn to god even when no one eles is their he is!! God knows what i went threw and he will take care of it at the end!!

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Hi to all


Im first time here and im desparate. I just want to say that i need money, a lot of money for this two weeks and i dont know how to find them. Ok, im beging you all people to contact me if can help, and i will tell you my story, so please help, because 3 people will stay without roof and all dayly needs. 

 so contact me and be my friend on this adress  

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